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Dr. Wanita Patterson


My longstanding mission is health promotion, and my sole focus is you — the patient. When it comes to my patients' health I take a whole-person approach to wellness and disease prevention. I utilize integrative, functional medicine that includes hormone therapy, nutrition, detoxification, supplementation and mindfulness. 

My experience as a medical professional underscores the benefits of a whole-person approach to wellness and disease prevention. In my practice, I utilize preventative medicine, integrative, functional medicine that includes hormone therapy, nutrition, detoxification, supplementation and mindfulness. In addition I combine these effective techniques with more traditional pharmaceutical and therapeutic regimens, as needed. My services include:


  • Internal medicine including assessment and treatment plans for headaches, allergies, hypertension, heart disease, asthma, COPD, abdominal or bladder pain, anxiety, and depression

  • Bioidentical hormone therapy for women to address issues including hormonal imbalances, endometriosis, PMS, abnormal menstrual cycles, mood changes, low sex drive, hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness and frequent UTIs

  • Bioidentical hormone therapy for men to address hypogonadism

  • Low dose naltrexone (LDN) treatment of chronic pain disorders, autoimmunity issues, cancer therapy support and weight control

  • Treatment of acute and chronic diseases in men, women, and adolescents, including high cholesterol, gout, arthritis, osteoporosis and issues with blood pressure, blood sugar or thyroid

  • Assessment and treatment of a range of issues, including autoimmunity disorders, thyroid dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, low sex drive, insomnia, CFS and fibromyalgia

  • Electrocardiograms (EKGs)

  • Heavy metal testing

  • Cancer support with nutritional supplementation and ketogenic diet principles

  • Skin care regimens to boost elastin and collagen while evening out pigment changes through novel topical therapies, including the use of stem cells harvested humanely from adipose tissue and topical telomere activation using TA65

  • Complexion treatments, including Botox applications, fillers, microneedling and age spot removal using CO2

  • Long-term weight management through ketogenic diet principles, including nutrition analysis and testing for food sensitivity, microbiomes and neurotransmitters

  • Telomere testing and lengthening support using TA Science's telomerase activation — TA65 oral tablets — and life style changes

  • Immune system support and measurement of biomarkers

  • School physicals

I also utilize laboratory analysis and specialty testing, including Genova Diagnostic Testing for estrogen metabolism, stool analysis and heavy metal testing; Spectracell for functional intracellular nutritional testing and Telomere length assessment; Cell Science for ALCAT testing for food sensitivity; and specialty immunology testing and baseline assessment.

My Services

A proven, whole-person approach to your wellness and disease prevention
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My Focus

More than 40 years of experience, vested in your health and wellness
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My longstanding mission is health promotion, and the focus of my practice is always you — the patient. As service delivery in health care continues to change, many people are unhappy with the conventional model. Many modern practitioners don’t have time to spend with you, to listen to your needs and to provide you with a real plan for long-term health and wellness.


My practice is intentionally designed to strip away all the barriers between you and your chosen health provider. I have a small office and no office staff. I want to be there for you personally. My Modern Medical & Wellness model may be unconventional — but it works. The result is a healthcare relationship that is more personal and more, both for you as the patient and me as the provider.


Are you being told there is nothing wrong or is your traditional provider simply not listening, then I ask you to reconsider what you are being told. I want you to know there is a solution — we just need to find it, together. 


Consider this: The more you understand how behavior impacts health and predisposes you for disease, the more likely you will be motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. I believe in the possibility of change. The environmental pollutants that you endure every day are impacting your health. The result? We each must chart a course to work harder to live healthier. My job is to help you on this journey.


For many health care clients today, affordable health insurance is only a dream. Many have considerable out of pocket expenses or simply believe they don’t have access to health care. This is where I step in. My 40+ years of experience in internal medicine positions me to address a wide spectrum of health issues. I know how to provide health care in a cost-effective manner and always do my best to provide a plan that is both effective and affordable. Let’s work together craft lives that are healthy, fulfilling and disease free so we can each make this world a better place for the next generation.


Let's Get Started

Taking the first step on the road to wellness is easier than you might think!

Getting started on a path to wellness is easier than you might think. When working with a new client, I prefer to schedule a few consecutive visits to best assess your unique situation. Once we have a plan in place, my goal is to see you twice a year to evaluate progress and tweak the program, if needed.


• To schedule a visit, simply click HERE.

• To shop at my Kaerwell online store, click HERE.


You can also call my office at 407.394.2366 and speak to Virginia. She will be happy to set your appointment. Alternately, you can send a text request to 407.963.5596 or email me at to schedule or confirm a consultation.


Last, you can visit When asked to choose a doctor, enter Wanita Patterson in zip code 32803. Please note that online scheduling is not 100% reliable. If you do not hear back from my office within 24 hours, please call, email or text me so I can personally schedule your office visit or to cancel an appointment.


If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to me by email or feel free to text me. You should expect a reply within 24 to 48 hours. Call for urgent concerns. All emergencies should be directed to 911.

Please note that I don not accept insurance at this time.


Contact Me

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. To schedule or cancel appointments, please do not use the form below. Instead, click here to schedule online or contact my office by phone or my cell by text.

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Visit my Kaerwell online shop.

2906 Corrine Drive

Orlando, Florida 32803

Located in The Lovely Boutique

Office: 407.394.2366

Cell: 407.963.5596
Fax: 407.442.0668

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